Birthday Dinner

Coming Feb 2022
444 Country Club Dr., Xenia, OH 45385
BirthdayDinner is one of our most popular events. Early each year, we gather for a fun and creative celebration of everyone's birthday.
We invite you to celebrate your birthday with everyone, all at once.
Tables of food from all twelve months are set up around the fellowship hall.Volunteers choose a month and theme their food and decorations from some thing
unique to that month. For instance, June may have picnic food items since picnics are a summertime favorite. July may have ice cream since July 1 isNational Ice Cream Day. You get the idea!
TheBirthday Dinner is always a fun time that unleashes the creativity of our members. Come and celebrate the seasons and enjoy the festivities. SeeAnita Mayes or Kim Bergsten for more info.