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Ghana Well Drilling

  The Xenia church of Christ helps to support the Ghana West Africa Missions (GWAM) located in Decatur, Alabama.  We send our support to this address:  GWAM   C/O Tucker, Scott, & Wates, LLC   P.O. Box 2125   Decatur, Alabama 35602.  GWAM is part of an effort begun by the Traverse City, Michigan Church of Christ in 1987 which has led to the drilling of over 1000 wells in northern Ghana that assists close to 2.5 million people to have clean, safe drinking water.

Ghana Evangelism (Cosmos Kaku)

 The church at Xenia sends support to a native evangelist by the name of Cosmos Kaku who serves at the Asasetre Church of Christ located in Ellembelle District in the Western Region of Ghana.  Brother Cosmos Kaku has served in the work of the Lord at Asasetre since August of 1989.  Asastre is a rural community with the population of about 2,000 people.  The main occupation there is subsistence farming.  There are no private or government companies in the community. The Asasetre congregation is made up of sixty women and forty men with eighty-five children.  The average weekly collection is about $300 (Ghana money) and each week Brother Cosmos is paid $150 (Ghana money).  The Kaku family consists of wife Millicent and children Karen, Ekenlebie, Darlene, Rebecca and Theophilus.  Brother Cosmos is also busy preaching and teaching at thirteen other congregations of the Church in Ellembelle District and is invited once a year to preach for five Churches of Christ in the Jomoro Municipal.

 Brother Cosmos has graciously added personal information about himself.  He was born September 26, 1965.  He was born again (baptized into Christ) on November 18, 1984.  On that very day he helped establish the Asasetre church of Christ.  On September 12, 1990 he and Millicent were married.  Brother Cosmos has studied at the Ghana Bible College in Kumasi, Ghana and has received from there the Diploma in Biblical Studies (1987-1989) and the Advance Diploma in Biblical Studies (1998-2001).  From August 1989 he has served in evangelist work for Christ.

Ghana Evangelism (John Ackah Blay)

Xenia congregation also sends support to Evangelist John Ackah Blay who serves the Church of Christ at Half-Assini which is located in the Jomoro Municipality in the Western Region of Ghana.  Presently the congregation has ninety-five members of which eighty-four are regular members.  Brother John also serves seven smaller congregations of the Church in that area.  The Half-Assini church does not have elders and deacons.  On Sundays the church at Half-Assini has classes for adults, youth, children, new converts and visitors.  The smaller congregations that Brother Blay serves have only adult and children classes.  Brother Blay has started a radio-FM program in which he preaches in the dialect of the area.  John Ackah Blay is married and has three children and two grandchildren.  Two of his children and two of his grandchildren are in school.  Brother Blay can be contacted at this email address: